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Link Video Viral Shamar on Twitter Uncensored Update – Link Video Viral Shamar on Twitter Uncensored Update , a large group of Dade Christian College prospects made an official visit to Florida.

Monday morning campus tour and staff training time. Two players who accepted an offer from the Seminoles, 2023 wide receiver William Foles and 2025 wide receiver Shamal Foles, attended the event.

While William Falls has long been a target of the system, his teacher recently gave his younger brother Shamar a scholarship for his first Can recruit.

It was the longest Shamal Foles has gone to Tallahassee since he was drafted. “It was a great day,” Foles told NoleGameday’s Dustin Lewis. “Good.” During the few hours Foles was on campus, he spent a lot of time with head coach Mike Norvell. Fowles ignored what they said.

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“I see some good issues,” Fowles said. “Listen, coach Mike Norvell said some good things. If you don’t want to be good, don’t go, he wants me to be successful.

” The Florida native signed to stay to improve his relationship with Norvell. He felt great about the man on the head coach. “He’s got a great personality,” Foles said. “He had a poster on the wall, a picture, and he confessed that he saved the ascent. A few weeks later, Seminole became the first college to offer Falls a scholarship.

He was excited because he got the job faster than his brother in personal recruitment. Wa Shamar viral video on Twitter “That means everything. That was my first offer, Foles said. “I’m glad the state of Florida didn’t issue a will. I was the first one to get one.”

While it was early for Foles, the Florida State recruit learned his own judgment. He plans to return to Tallahassee for another visit after the football season. “I love learning,” Foles said.

The teacher is nice and easy to follow. ” At 6-foot-1 and 150 pounds, we went to several colleges this offseason while battling his brother.

According to 247Sports, the current Foles may not be enrolled in the 2025 class.

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