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Viral Shinzo Abe How to Uncover the Assassination of Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Pelangi.or.idViral Shinzo Abe How to Uncover the Assassination of Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Japan’s former senior minister, died after being shot on one occasion in a political advertising marketing campaign.

He also got to the speech technique when a gunman attacked him from behind. that’s what happened with the terrible events of friday. The occasion changed to what happened in the southern metropolis of Nara.

Mr Abe, 67, appeared to be conducting a marketing speech campaign outside the train station for Kei Sato, a sitting member of the upper house of parliament. Sato is running for the ruling party, the Liberal Democrats, in the senior housing election scheduled for July 10.

The photo above shows Mr Abe opening as he delivers his speech as aides applaud. however, they may be apparently blind to several different identities in the historical past, a casual young man with a black moving bag. At 11:30 a.m. in the community (02:30 GMT), footage of the event showed the man stepping forward, minutes after the former prime minister began his speech. shots rang out and Mr. Abe fell to the ground bleeding.

As bystanders panicked, security officials confronted the 412-month-old suspect, who made no attempt to flee.

They knocked him to the ground and arrested him. Bystanders treated Mr. Abe as he lay profusely bleeding and took him to Nara Scientific University Hospital for treatment. Media reviews say he was able to speak within minutes of the attack, but eventually lost interest.

he had a cardiac arrest upon arrival at the medical facility. Unsuccessful attempts were made to bring him back and he was given a blood transfusion, but at 5.03pm he was said to be useless.

Shinzo Abe: The Legacy of Japan’s Supreme Prime Minister Doctors say he suffered injuries that broke a vein and had primary heart damage.

Every wound is deep and blood loss is the cause of death, she added. No bullets were found during surgical treatment.

Weapons From ‘Handmade’

Witnesses said they saw a figure wielding what they described as a large gun and occasionally shooting Mr. Abe from behind.
The gun, believed to be a homemade weapon, was recovered when the suspected attacker was arrested. Japan’s strict firearms laws make it difficult to purchase a firearm.
The suspect was identified as Tetsuya Yamagami of Nara. Community media reviews say he was believed to be a former member of Japan’s Self-Protection Stress naval organization, the Japanese equivalent of a military man. while at a loss for words, he said he was “dissatisfied” with Mr Abe and intended to kill him.
Media say an explosives group stormed the suspect’s house to collect evidence. it is not clear how the suspect came here to understand Mr. Abe’s presence at the rally, which appeared most likely on Thursday night.

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